Parametric Systems is multidisciplinary design & engineering services company. Our team consists of many engineers, designers and specialists, who are ready to bring a new approach to solutions of worldwide challenges. Our independent minds help to improve your business and world living environment to fulfill principles of sustainable growth.

Quality of our offer is based on long experience with the preparation and design of large production areals, complex 3D modeling and detail mechanical design, including support structures for these devices.

The core team consists of experts who have participated in numerous projects in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but also industrial and manufacturing technologies located abroad. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and improve our technical facilities, so that we can offer increasingly better service and effective solutions to our clients.

Sustainable design

The theme of sustainable design has recently become very fashionable especially in various international forums. One of the goals of this discussion is to reduce the cost of construction and operation of buildings. If we look at this issue in terms of civil & mechanical engineering, we can identify some important features that we should watch for investment:

Optimized design - the absence of unnecessary elements
Energy efficiency - minimizing production and operational energy consumption
Recycling - use of recycled materials for the construction of new buildings
Flexibility - building solution that will allow a change of use is extended to the life cycle of the building
Availability - elimination of transport claims buildings on the existing transport system
Revitalization of brownfields - rehabilitation of areas devastated by industrial production
Reconstruction sites - rather than demolition and new construction reconstruct and restore