bill of quantities

Exact quantities specification is a key point to manage construction costs of any investment plan

Model work in PTS integrally incorporates training costs to individual design phases of the project in such a way that our clients have from the outset realistic view of the financial aspects of the project. This allows us to make better decisions in advance and to avoid unforeseen situations caused by insufficient information about the total cost.

That is what we are inter-dependent design phase to the financial management of the project allows our clients a better way to achieve your goals.

Inside View of costs

Understanding the cost structure of the investment project largely makes the right decisions on the client and the designer. Therefore, from the very beginning we provide our clients the opportunity to deep insights into information and help them with the identification of critical points which are responsible for wasting respectively savings.

The project can only be successful if every decision, carried out with an understanding of its impact on the cost and benefit, which is a client for the future.

PTS incorporating cost management into the design phase allows clients to gain a better and truer view of the project and thus make informed decisions leading to the completion of a project even at the cost of editing and modification.

Cost Management

Planning costs include, inter alia, evaluate alternative solutions structures within the client's evaluation criteria which place demands on function, quality and durability. This allows the designer to optimize the design so as to fit into the client's financial possibilities.

Cost control system is designed to provide it in time to the client and the designer view of design changes and their impact overall costs. Thus produced track is an effective tool records the development of the project.

Public procurement, tendering and contract management

One of our strongest teams composed of experts in advising on procurement and tender procedures and management of these processes from the selection of the candidate through the evaluation of the tender, the winning bid recommendation to management contracts, approval of the contract price, including assistance in resolving any contractual disputes.

Our services in this area include:

  • Develop a detailed quantity report
  • Tender documentation
  • Evaluation of price bids quotations
  • Administration of contracts with suppliers
  • Technical assistance for the resolution of disputes and discrepancies