PTS use the power and the benefits of information technology.

Long ago we understood the benefits for our clients that will come with usage of information technologies and powerful workstations. BIM systems rapidly changed of our approach to design.

It allows us, for example, to monitor and eliminate the conflicts of building construction, technical and technological distribution and production technology. However, this list of advantages does not end. BIM, as a system that integrates diverse data types and its representation, makes available a more comprehensive view of the project idea.

Combining geometric information with qualitative, physical, time and financial offers us a unique opportunity to almost complete control over our work and also allows us to respond quickly to client's changing requirements during the project.

20 years of practical experience with BIM

Experts, now working for PTS stood nearby a German company Nemetschek - the developer of one of the most powerful BIM software – Allplan and they assisted in active promotion of this innovative product in the market of Central and Eastern Europe during nineties of 20th century.

Similarly powerful tools help us in the design of machine manufacturing plant, equipment and lines. We use a parametric 3D modelling software in every phase of a new product development. We offer high quality visual presentations for approval process during all development period.