building design

We believe that a well-designed home means a better life.

PTS is widely branched network of designers and construction experts who`s primary target is to design exceptional buildings, as from a design point of view as from operation`s economy point of view.

We believe that international globalized society shares similar values and therefore has similar claims to what we call a high standard of construction of buildings.

Our experience allows us to create unique structures that accurately respond to the needs of people who are living there, working, studying or spending their free time.

Custom solution

A deep analysis of the client's needs shows us the direction of our design. Final building combines high functional value, unique that reflects nature of the client and surprisingly acceptable cost.

Our engineers bring to the project benefits which PTS produces in the development of new materials, energy optimization and improvement of building technology. The results are lighter structures with greater durability, higher level of mechanical resistance of the building to weather conditions and more efficient systems of active and passive protection in the field of fire safety.

Finally, there is the subjective view of a client who expects motivating environment that brings joy and new ideas. We connect knowledge and combine different perspectives and that is why our work can by harmonically integrated into the environment and it can serve all.

Target is efficiency

From the very beginning we apply in our design the strong effect which brings the usage of information technology and software tools aimed at the detailed construction, analysis, modelling and simulation of all phenomena that occur in building construction. We go further, and in parallel with the technical proposals we continuously update financial parameters of the building.

The result of this approach is our ability to reduce construction costs while increasing operational efficiency work throughout its life period. This makes us a valuable partner, not only in technical matters but especially in the economic assessment of the investment plan and its impact on the client's objectives.

Modular services

PTS can offer comprehensive services of the General Designer, but also the preparation of individual technical or technological subsystems of the building. We can coordinate the various teams working in different locations and integrate their results into the final project or we can focus on a single complex problem solving.

Our services in this area include:

  • Assistance in: identification of proper site , contract with the owner, Land Registry procedures
  • Surveys: geodetic & hydro-geology
  • E.I.A. (including negotiation with authorities and obtaining of statements)
  • IPPC – documentation in term of legislative about Integrated Pollution Prevention
  • Planning (Zoning) Permit Documentation
  • Ensuring the issue of Planning Permission
  • Building Permit Documentation
  • Ensuring that Building Permission
  • Detail Design Documentation
  • Tender Documentation
  • Construction schedules
  • Supervision and technical supervision
  • Ensuring Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Certificates collection for trial operation permit
  • Individual and comprehensive testing and trial operation
  • As Built Documentation
  • Assistance with obtaining Permanent Operation Permit
  • Assistance with Implementation of Permanent Operation Permit comments