cost management

We participate in the commercial success of your projects

System of work in PTS provides the information about amount of investment costs during all project period. This helps to see project value despite of kind of investment.

Whether it's an office building, residential complex, the production site or facility technical infrastructure, complete overview of the amount of funds needed for the implementation is the key to correctly adjust the commercial side of the project. We provide maximum support to our client in his effort to be successful.

Value engineering

We have penetrated deeply into the structure of the investment costs and we received detachment from a lot of various projects. This enabled us to provide valuable advice and support in identifying important strategies to optimize the investment and operating costs.

We provide these services as to clients for whom we elaborate project documentation as well as clients who express an interest in due diligence projects that have already run. We are able to analyze the key parts of the finished designs to identify potential options for reducing costs, as we have demonstrated on first KIA automotive plant in Europe which has saved millions of EUR due to revision of fire protection.


Our experience in preparing and managing tenders combined with knowledge of the construction market prices represent directly measurable benefit to the immediate impact on client`s finances. This process is often rather confusing for investor and requires extensive knowledge to guarantee a fair comparison of individual items within the quotations from various candidates.

Costs under control

The person responsible for cost management is member of every our design team and guarantees to the client commercial value of our work. Keeping costs in defined limits is fundamental condition of project success for investors.