We believe in sustainable design and development

We believe that sustainable economic growth concerns us all and therefore we help our clients shape strategy that result from understanding of their economic potential, while ensuring the success of their project and the community it serves.

We are aware of links between the economy, funding sources and development and therefore cooperate with public and private sectors in the creation of strategic decisions that have implications for local, regional and national sustainable economic growth.

Bringing robust solutions thanks to integrated thinking

We offer our clients our greatest asset, which is undoubtedly integrated thinking, which is based on our extensive experience in working with developers, experts from different professions but also government authorities and other stakeholders. This helps us understand every challenge from different perspectives and the solutions can be considered in the broader context, which includes, among others the environmental concerns.

We create real value with our comprehensive experience

Challenges in today's global world are more complex than ever before and therefore the solution must be more comprehensive than ever before. This requires a coordinated approach and integrated thinking. Today, when the public sector requires affordable and sustainable solutions and private investors successful and valuable projects that meet their goals, we believe that crucial aspects are the economic analysis and planning. PTS is able to provide all the necessary knowledge and skills to support the recovery and regeneration of urban and rural areas in terms of sustainable social, economic and environmental development.

Looking to the future

Thanks to our out of the box thinking and a wide range of experience we are able to efficiently proceed to solving the global challenges such as climate change and economic uncertainty, while ensuring safe fulfilment of local energy, transport and food needs. To be able to handle these tasks it demands from us the foresight to understand the development as a whole and insight based on unique experiences.

Supporting new synergies across broad range of areas

We help our clients discover greater value and achieve better results thanks to the support throughout the process of our guidelines. Our many years of experience with large and complex projects show that we understand success factors and their interconnection. We offer therefore our pragmatic approaches to strategic planning but also economic and business consultancy and in establishing new partnerships. Our project managers are able to find solutions that include optimal financing and development in accordance with the doctrine of sustainability.

Our masterplanners in cooperation with project managers within the urban planning will help you obtain all necessary permits from government bodies and also the consent of the persons concerned. We also provide a robust analysis on the basis of which we can interpret the future benefits of the project as well as the needs and challenges that need to be managed. Because PTS believes in overcoming challenges and also wants to contribute to sustainable growth is one of the founding partners of the cluster to support innovation and collaboration between the public sector, industry and universities.