EPC solutions (project / tender / construction)

PTS through independent perspective on the issues of energy and innovative technical approach can offer solutions that are not only safe and functional but also economical and efficient. We involve designers and technologists as well as economists and traders to be in charge of energy equipment design. Thanks to that we can successfully participate in every stage of the design process and construction of energy source, regardless of its size.

Accuracy in planning

The basis of a successful energy project can be seen in a detailed analysis of all input and output parameters of the project, not only in terms of engineering and technology, but especially from a financial perspective. So we can help identify potential problems even before they negatively affect the project gets going. Our system tools of comparative analysis serve our clients in optimizing a set correctly key characteristics of energy structures.

Secondary and waste resources

Our proactive approach to the development of technologies and the use of secondary waste energy stems from our conviction of the necessity of changing attitudes towards environmental care. It is a big challenge for all actors involved in the PTS and we help our clients to understand and use these facts and thus would contribute to the economic performance of the company and to contribute to the public welfare.

Reconstruction and renovation

We respect the reality of time and continuity of the work of our predecessors, and therefore part of our creative energy we devote the area of reconstruction and renovation of existing plants. Indeed, we believe that a global perspective is often cheaper to modernize how to build something completely new. This idea we have repeatedly used and saved so inconsiderable financial resources of our clients, which could be invested in development where necessary and expedient.

Our services in this area include:

  • Small, medium and large energy resources turnkey (EPC)
  • Reconstruction of energy resources
  • Flue gas cleaning solution
  • Hydroelectric and geothermal energy sources
  • Biomass energy systems
  • Utilization of waste heat from the existing technological equipment
  • Opinions, evaluations, studies
  • Support in dealing with accidents and fire safety installations