energy storage

Technical know-how, together with knowledge of the market enables us to support the expansion of energy deposition in clean way and friendly manner

We understand the time and natural context behind inequality between energy production and consumption. To balance this phenomenon is a major challenge for technical engineers. One option seems to be the development of energy storage systems that support the expansion and independence of communities and create new business opportunities.

The secret is in the technology

We support research and implementation of the latest scientific knowledge of energy storage in the ground based on the accumulation capacity of the soil in combination with a net heat produced all year proven technology of solar collectors.

By combining the well-known physical phenomena in the natural environment we are now able to offer an interesting view of the production and consumption of heat for small and medium-sized consumers.

Cooperation with university institutions based on direct communication with their research laboratories can bring surprising solutions and so change significantly the energy sector of developed world in a short time.

Economic view

Surveys, analysis and financial-economic evaluation are necessary for business success of any project in energy storage. We provide massive support for investors who are considering their energy strategy. We show how these devices can help increase their income.

Legislation and policy context

Our efforts to reform the energy market necessarily extend to the area of legislation and energy policy of the state. We try to succeed in defining new thermal & technical standards and the criteria of future construction to allow development of energy storage for all investors.