Analysis, surveys, parsing

Before the start of each project we prepare a very thorough basis for strategic decision-making and setting of critical parameters and technical requirements for the various functional units and key components. Our detachment and pooling of knowledge at this stage provide essential information for the entire lifetime of the investment project.

Specialised technical expertise and reviews

Periodic roadworthiness building structures but also professional assessment of emergency conditions and causes of accidents are often very valuable document for subsequent steps in the event of a claim. They can make a significant effect on the amount of insurance or vice versa eliminate damages. Also, these controls are essential for guaranteeing the safety of people at work. PTS has extensive experience with these activities and recognize their contribution for companies, organizations and individuals.

Revisions and certificates

Maintaining a safe level of operation of exclusive technical equipment, production technology lines and appliances is demanding and continuous process that begins when designing and never ends. Experience professional accredited persons performing these activities are crucial for the successful operation of any enterprise but also for the operation of each building. PTS offers a highly organized system of professional supervision and registration of regular inspections, measurements and examination.