facility management

Manage workload of building and promotion

An empty building is always the rabble. Only the space containing life can provide sufficient economic preconditions for achieving the objectives. Profitability of the building is always measured by return on invested funds. PTS pays close attention to this issue because we realize that the only occupied building may constitute a commercial success. PTS has a number of technical and business tools that help achieve high profitability of the operation.

Maintenance and service

Supervision of our experts over the project from initial design to the completion and operation guarantees level of all services which provides building and thus indirectly also guarantees user satisfaction. Sophisticated technical solutions of the various building systems and subsystems permit reliable operation, easy maintenance and quick service actions in the event of a fault.


Our deep experiences in design, statics, fire protection, safety and health allow us to actively contribute to the optimization of insurance costs. We also help our clients improve processes that lead to the prevention of claims.