fire protection

Fire safety of buildings is essential for effective protection of property and life of humans.

Our sophisticated approach to the fire protection of buildings is forced by challenging construction projects which we encounter in our daily practice.

We are aware of the responsibilities that come with our activity and we pay extra special attention to the fire protection of buildings.

However, the conclusion does not remain only in the boards laws and standards, but we are looking for breakthrough solutions that often result in review of legislation, regulations, methodologies or technical standards. Close collaboration with leading scientific capacity, dealing with fire safety of buildings.

Key influences fire safety measures on construction costs

We do not understand fire protection bottomless only the well which increases the cost of the building, while fire protection is our playground where we can achieve a significant reduction in investment and operating costs of the project. If we add to this the fact that the fire-fighting solutions require considerable demands on the use of large amounts of water becomes an important factor in fire protection term sustainability of the project.

Our direct experience is that we fire protection through projects managed to save 12 million. EUR implementation costs for the construction of large industrial enterprises, representing 6% of the investment costs for building part of the work.

In light of these data it is clear that it is impossible to ignore the impact of fire protection for the economic evaluation of construction and the fact that they are always only factor which negatively affects the price.

The intricate structure of legislation

Fire safety is a very delicate area where often minimal differences in the claims may mean fold difference in the cost of implementation. The optimal solution therefore often represents a search for balance between many competing demands ever having regard to the economic side of things.

It is not unusual that our imaginative solutions repeatedly faced with a universal language legislation and seek a path between the established and generally applicable principles which do not take into account the specificity of the uniqueness of each project.