technical infrastructure

A well-designed technical infrastructure is essential for the future prosperity of any community anywhere in the world. It is important for our health and well-being but also for long-term sustainable way of dealing with our resources.

Expertise, detachment and predictability are keys for proper design of technical infrastructure that will enable development of communities and states in quality manner laid upon the territory.

Infrastructure development with a view to long-term goals is an essential feature of all developed societies that are trying to create balance and high standard of living for all its citizens.

Infrastructure and in particular its basic parts, which ensures access to water, energy, sanitation and transportation is an important factor for the economic development of the area and not above standard which may be created, when the economic situation allows it easier. From this fact comes the urgency of the continuous construction and maintenance.

Time factor is crucial in technical infrastructure design, because this infrastructure will be used more by future of future than people of present. It's investment to the future with high rate of return. Therefore it is wise to proceed with creation of visions and an open mind.

PTS is sensitive to the fact that it is mostly the responsibility of engineers, technicians as we solve these tasks. We try to face this problem with courageous attitude that delivers pragmatic solutions in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.