landscape design

Quality of life in our cities determines foliage

Our cooperation with Landscape architects is driven by efforts to achieve sustainable environment that will provide quality living conditions for residents in the seat of all sizes. Today, everyone understands the benefits of green areas for the city but the realization of this simple and true ideas encountered many challenges. PTS helps public and private sector, including by regularly incorporates clandestine work by landscape architect in their projects.

Major challenges

The implications of this work have an impact over a much wider area than the area or the city itself and not related only to the subjective feelings of a man who feels naturally good when it is surrounded by greenery. Creating landscape architect, for example, directly affects the diversity of animal and plant species, the population rate of claims on resources, the ability to area face extreme weather phenomena, etc.

Our services in this area include:

  • Methodology of landscape planning, design and management at local, regional, national and international
  • Planning and design principles for national parks and other protected or recreational areas
  • Methodology of environmental assessment, planning, design and management of cultural or historic landscapes, parks and gardens
  • Planning, designing, managing of functional and aesthetic solutions in developed and undeveloped areas such as:
    • - Private and public spaces
    • - Parks & gardens
    • - Pedestrian areas, squares and residential areas
    • - Cemeteries & memorials
    • - Tourist, commercial, industrial and educational complexes
    • - Sports grounds
    • - Zoo & botanical gardens
    • - Recreation areas and farms
  • Cooperation in planning roads, dams, energy and other major development projects
  • Landscape assessment, including environmental and visual impacts of development strategy and project plans
  • Proposals for the use of developed areas in urban, suburban and rural areas
  • Design, quantifications, price calculations,
  • Author's supervision and technical supervision
  • Cooperation in the landscape planning and land usage projects
  • Research, expert lectures and preparation of technical reports, concepts of development programs, consulting on matters relating to garden and landscape architecture including the application of GIS technology and remote sensing, landscape ecology and relevant legislation