The trend in energy development with great potential

Micro networks or distributed systems and energy sources. This actually means decentralization of power but also the possibility for remote (inaccessible) communities to gain access to electricity. The great advantage is modularity of this solution both in the size of the entire system but also in the number of sources that can be used.

Sustainability for Communities

In favor of this approach to energy speaks using of renewable energy sources and among them the biomass, biogas, solar, wind or geothermal energy.

These input sources can be combined, thus ensuring the stability and safety of the system. It is convenient to produce heat for heating or water heating or cooling the air or cooling devices in adition to producing electricity, called CHP respectively tri-generation.

Micro networks are sustainable for the community they serve, on the one hand they lower the bills for heat or electricity and on the other hand they can also bring profits resulting from the sale of the surplus electricity or heat.

Housing of the future

We at PTS offer our clients all the necessary services to build micro networks wherever they are. At the same time we work on an experimental project regarding housing of the future where these ideas are combined: intelligent buildings, nanotechnologies, integrated transport systems, renewable energy and more.