natural disasters

Risk assessment evaluated from civil engineer point of view helps reduce the effects of unexpected events such as floods, accidents, vagaries of the weather.

Applying the experience of building construction experts to insurance market helps better identify the level of risk and to define the boundaries of potential damages. In this way we optimize insurance costs and objectify risks associated claims.

Damage prevention

Based on our knowledge in construction, we are able to prepare proposals which can significantly support reducing the risk of damage claims. In combination with the financial know-how we help our clients manage the costs of these measures.

Quick reviews mean lower losses

Short reaction time for reaction and an evaluation by the damage caused immediately after the event can help to significantly reduce losses. We provide a wide range of services in this sensitive area.

Partnering with major insurance companies, which are able to respond rapidly to form unexpected situations, our engineers have achieved an immediate improvement in terms of clients affected by the implications of such events.

Our services in this area include:

  • Risk analysis from civil engineering point of view
  • Proposals for future damages reducing
  • Post event damage evaluation
  • Reports for insurance company