project management

Human resource management is primarily about communication.

Careful selection of project team members, their experience, expertise and cultural and social qualities sets high level communication across all directions of client-supply chain in the early days of project.

The work and information flow

Work system setup, thoughtful information flow and its registration is a correct assumption to successfully manage even the most complex project.

Responsibility at each level

Individual capacity of each of our specialists to realize their benefits and their value in the context of interaction with others is a guarantee of high responsibility at every level within the extensive project team.

To avoid mistakes

Based on the deep understanding of the client and the values which project represents for him we are able to identify and thoroughly assess the resulting risks. Skilled project management can provide guarantees of smooth building construction and technology implementation.

Our services in this area include:

  • Programming
  • Team members organisation
  • Time schedule planning, milestones, critical scenario
  • Kick off meeting, task specifications
  • Coordination of the regular project meetings
  • Keeping following evidence:
    • - Mail and email communication
    • - Input data and other important information with influence to solution
    • - Minutes of the meeting, negotiations, important controls and decisions
    • - Orders, change orders, hand over protocols and invoices
  • Budget planning control
  • Procurement management
  • Supervisions
  • Post project services (reports, evaluations...)