We change your view on energy.

PTS is focused also to energy projects from alternative sources such as sun, wind, geothermal heat, waste or bio-fuels. We are not interested in just technical side but also economic considerations. Both, direct input costs and subsequently also operation and maintenance.

Our aim is to integrate renewable energy into the energy systems of enterprises, regions and countries. This process involves not only engineering and professional activities but also work to change legislation and approach of the State.

Energy independence means better business

In the long term, renewable sources of energy are ideal for human society as a whole. It is up to us as we response to the possibility of their use and searching a technical solution that makes it possible.

If we succeed, we gain benefit in terms of energy independence that will allow us better planning of our activities and focus on those activities that are critical for any organization. The result is higher performance of our businesses and better environment for us all.

Our services in this area include:

  • Survey of client`s existing energy management
  • Analysis of available alternative technical solutions
  • Evaluation and comparison of different possible technologies, recommendations
  • Project documentation
  • Assistance with identification of supplier
  • Financial analysis of the operation and proposals for increase of profit