waste to energy

Energy from waste obtained irreplaceable role in modern approach to waste management as well as energy.

Intelligent waste management is a major problem in today's conditions of limited resources. Providing affordable, reliable and long-term energy supply is a difficult task and the use of energy from waste or recycling materials can play a key role in this.

PTS has a strong commitment to face this global challenge. Through our experience, we help clients with the creation of waste policy, technical solutions and trade policies of their economic evaluation in open market conditions.

The feasibility of the projects is a fundamental parameter of our evaluation.

A reasonable approach

Waste management is perceived in the context of the whole society. It's not only a way to deal with waste, but it's a complex issue of collection, sorting, transport, processing which must operate under conditions of real economy based on buying and selling commodities.

It is not clever to shift thousands of tons of waste to a central burner which is hundreds of kilometres from their source and charge transport in the freight transport system and environmental emissions.

Our view is different. We bring global know-how to apply them in local conditions so that we achieve compliance with the needs of civil society.