water engineering

Water is life, and in this sense PTS approaches to handling the water.

Our approach to solving water management projects reflects the fact that we are aware of all the consequences of a breach of a delicate balance of the water cycle in nature, and their impacts on human communities. Water is understood in the context of its cycle but also in the area of human needs and requirements related to hygiene, production, energy and transport.

The water in our everyday world

For daily water consumption of each of us is about 120 litres. There is not enough when you consider that it's about 12 buckets full of water which, during every single day of the year we spend. This water is to us had gotten from somewhere and also somewhere flows away from us. PTS also addresses the first and second job. We are dedicated to water resources and its distribution as well as sewage systems and technologies for wastewater treatment.

The water in our factories

Ensuring process water for production capacities is not only distribution. It is also the chemical treatment of water to the required parameters, often more difficult than for normal consumption. Our specialists design technology in detail focus on all aspects of water use in manufacturing processes, and always seek to ensure that the quality of water at the outlet is equal to or even better than the input.

Water is our protection and must be protected

Water protection and water resources are fundamental expression of human societies since time immemorial. Water gives us the Exit but also protects us in many technical devices such as fixed fire extinguishing equipment that enables us prevent loss of many human lives and property. PTS put into practice many a solution to protect water and this trend will continue.